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Elite Plastic Ltd

Achieving Net Zero and Sustainable Manufacturing

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Elite Plastics are Industry Leading Extruders, Printers, Converters & Recyclers of Polythene Films, Bags & Covers, Manufacturing High-Quality Products at The Most Competitive Prices In The UK. Elite Plastics polythene manufacturing operations entirely operate out of our large production site in Hereford. Elite Plastics supplies customers with bespoke polythene films, bags and covers throughout the UK & Ireland while also exporting further afield. With thousands of customers across every industry in the UK from industrial, automotive and construction industries right through to retail, food and drink the likelihood is that you have come into contact with an Elite Plastics polythene product multiple times in your life. Our customer range is vast from some of the UK's largest companies right through to medium and small businesses. Regardless of this, we will always offer every customer the same level of exceptional service that has come to be expected of us.

Elite Plastics have developed a reputation for offering the best technical and customer support in the industry. Customers choose to buy off us because of the high levels of support and excellent service. We don't just manufacture and deliver polythene, we develop and improve it. Whether it's a brand-new packaging line that requires extensive polythene trials, testing and technical advice or to just simply work alongside a customer to improve the cost efficiency of their polythene.

The polythene extrusion industry is currently undergoing rapid technological advancement. One of the key areas lies in significant advancement and innovation in polymer technologies. Polymer is the raw material used to create every polythene bag, cover, and film. This is why polymer development and innovation is so crucial in producing polythene products that are stronger, more efficient, more sustainable and more cost effective. Elite Plastics has developed a reputation for being at the forefront of utilising the latest most advanced polymers and we take it a step further. Through rigorous research and development, we source the latest innovative polymers from around the world experimenting and blending them to create "recipes" that produce cutting edge polythene with the end goal of manufacturing polythene that excels in purpose reducing customer costs and their environmental footprint.


The Old System

Elite Plastics, a leading plastic manufacturing company, recognised the urgency of reducing carbon emissions and its environmental impact several years ago. To address this challenge, they partnered with us at Pro Enviro to embark on a long-term low-carbon process optimisation strategy, focusing on technology and behavioural changes. This case study examines Elite Plastics' journey towards reducing emissions, its energy monitoring and management initiatives and the significant CO2e savings achieved so far.


New System and Rationale

Pro Enviro formulated a comprehensive low carbon strategy that aimed to minimise its carbon footprint across all operations. This strategy involved multiple approaches, including energy efficiency improvements, process optimisation, and responsible sourcing of materials.

Elite Plastics encouraged its workforce to adopt sustainable practices, such as reducing energy consumption, minimising waste, and implementing eco-friendly processes. Emphasis was also placed on investing in energy-efficient technologies to enhance manufacturing processes.


Delivering Low Carbon Projects

Replacement of 3x Extruder Lines with 1x Extruder Line (2017):

By replacing three old extruder lines with a single, more energy-efficient line, Elite Plastics achieved approximately 8% savings on annual electricity consumption, equivalent to reducing 158.2 tonnes of CO2e emissions. This upgrade not only decreased the company's environmental impact but also improved operational efficiency.


LED Lighting (2018):

Elite Plastics upgraded its lighting system to energy-efficient LED technology in 2018, resulting in approximately 4% savings on annual electricity consumption, equal to 56.6 tonnes of CO2e. The shift to LED lighting significantly lowered energy consumption and enhanced the overall sustainability of the manufacturing facility.


DC to AC Motor Conversion (2020):

In 2020, Elite Plastics transitioned from DC motors to more efficient AC motors, leading to approximately 6% savings on annual electricity consumption, amounting to 74.1 tonnes of CO2e emissions reduction. This technology upgrade optimised energy usage and reduced the company's carbon footprint.


SEE Change Monitoring and Targeting System (2020):

Elite Plastics implemented “SEE Change” a monitoring and targeting system for all plant items in 2020. This system facilitated data-driven decision-making, resulting in approximately 8% savings on annual electricity consumption, equivalent to 99.1 tonnes of CO2e reduction. The “SEE Change” system empowered the company to optimise energy usage across its operations.


New Packing Machine (2020):

In 2020, Elite Plastics acquired a new packing machine with improved energy efficiency. This investment resulted in approximately 2% savings on annual electricity consumption, equal to 23.3 tonnes of CO2e reduction. The new machine contributed to streamlined processes and reduced overall energy consumption.


Installation of New Extruder (2023)

During a site review conducted under the Business Energy Advice Service (BEAS) Programme by the chosen delivery partner of the BCIC, it was noted that the oldest extruder is currently very inefficient and in need of replacement. The existing unit is over 20 years old and extremely worn. The various motors, drives and technology in the unit have been significantly advanced since this unit was installed, equating to significant savings. A new plastic extruder is a significant investment for a company. Some of the benefits of this installation are outlined below:

Increased Production Efficiency and Quality:

  • Advanced technology and features in a new plastic extruder can lead to higher production efficiency.
  • Faster processing speeds and improved controls can contribute to increased output.
  • Modern extruders often come with enhanced precision and consistency, leading to improved product quality.

Cost Savings:

  • Newer extruders incorporate energy-efficient technologies, reducing overall consumption.
  • Enhanced automation and reduced manual intervention results in labour cost savings.

Waste Reduction:

  • The newer units will allow the site to blend in more recyclable materials into their products.


Delivering Net Zero Renewable Energy Projects - Solar Energy:

In 2023, the commission of the installation of a 255kWh peak solar array is estimated to generate 238,726 kWh per annum and have a carbon savings of 53.49 tonnes CO2e/yr. The installation will not only result in significant cost savings through reduced electricity bills and income from excess energy sold back to the grid but it will, most importantly, mark the transition to a substantially reduced carbon footprint, contributing to the environmental sustainability goals of the business. Solar power provides energy independence and reduces the reliance on the national grid. This exemplifies the transformative potential of solar energy in fostering economic, environmental, and social benefits within companies. This was achieved through the application of grant funding made available through the Business Energy Advice Service (BEAS) Programme currently being delivered in the Greater West Midlands area.


Science-based Target Initiative Accreditation:

As of March 2023, Elite Plastics has been through the verification and accreditation process to set their Science Based Targets. This target was approved using a streamlined target validation route exclusive to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Elite Plastics Ltd commits to reduce scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emissions by 46% by 2030 from a 2019 base year and to measure and reduce its scope 3 emissions. Elite Plastics Ltd commits to reach net zero by 2035. As part of this, Elite Plastics Ltd commits to reduce scope 1+2+3 emissions by 95% by 2035 from a 2019 base year.

Thanks to these concerted efforts and initiatives, Elite Plastics has achieved an impressive cumulative CO2e savings estimated to exceed 700 tonnes. These accomplishments highlight the company's proactive approach to sustainability, responsible energy management, and commitment to reducing its environmental impact. 



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