Centre for Manufacturing Transition

Supporting, informing and representing UK manufacturing through the transition to Net-Zero.

The Centre for Manufacturing Transition is an initiative built on the outcome of the ‘Repowering the Black Country Project’, which recognised there are further similar mini-clusters of manufacturing activity across the West Midlands, South Wales, South Yorkshire, the South East, the South West, and many other parts of the UK.

All of these areas lie outside the main focus of national industrial decarbonisation energy infrastructure investment.

Working with other industrial clusters and dispersed sites across the UK, and with the UK and regional governments, this new initiative aims to to develop and implement practical and policy solutions which support UK manufacturing supply chains through the transition to Net-Zero and the energy cost crisis.

Practical and policy solutions developed by both the Black Country and South Wales Clusters as part of the UKRI IDC Programme will be made available to the whole country by supporting and facilitating partnership projects, led by local partners and anchor businesses wherever possible.

The Centre for Manufacturing Transition provides:

  • A clear voice for dispersed manufacturing supply chains in UK industrial and energy policy
  • Access to leading-edge knowledge, data and delivery partners to help firms manage the challenges of the energy transition and cost crisis
  • Regular engagement, working groups and communities of interest
  • Privileged access to comprehensive support resources and technology platforms, developed as part of the Repowering Project
  • Practical support and advice for members

The Centre for Manufacturing Transition is open for membership across the UK to companies of all sizes, trade associations and public bodies who share our aims and will contribute to ongoing development of the Centre.

To register your interest in becoming a member, please complete the expression of interest form below and a member of the team will be in touch with details:



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