Pro Enviro

Pro Enviro is a specialist energy engineering, carbon abatement and process optimisation consultancy, with over 30 years’ experience working with organisations in energy intensive sectors. We are leaders in developing and implementing Low Carbon and Net-Zero carbon strategies for organisations in all sectors. We have helped thousands of businesses improve their energy efficiency, implement a Low Carbon strategy, reduce their carbon footprint and, most importantly, save money.

We have delivered process optimisation and cost reduction projects for thousands of clients in the UK and internationally. Our first step is to conduct a comprehensive review of your manufacturing process and the overall energy consumption within your facilities. We then produce a clear, Low Carbon strategy aimed at reducing specific energy consumption and therefore the cost of your manufacturing operation.

We work with your management team to design engineered solutions that will maximise the efficiency of your energy intensive processes and systems. After conducting a full design and cost benefit analysis of the identified improvements, we will manage the installation of the selected low carbon technologies and system, to ensure the implementation process is successful in meeting predefined objectives, timescales and cost.

Pro Enviro works closely with funding bodies that support carbon reduction projects throughout the UK. We can facilitate part funding (subject to meeting qualifying criteria) of the cost of the installation of designed energy efficiency systems in almost all geographical areas of the UK.